The obligations on Landlords letting out their residential property are ever changing and onerous. It is important that Landlords comply with housing legislation as failure to do so can lead to a fine and/or delays in regaining possession of your property.

We are experienced in all areas of property litigation, which includes:

• Advising on compliance with the Immigration Act;
• Drafting tenancy agreements;
• Advising on documents to accompany the tenancy agreement (if post 1 October 2015);
• Pitfalls associated with the deposit and securing the deposit;
• Tenant breaches;
• Drafting notices to quit including section 21 and section 8 notices;
• Drafting and conducting proceedings for possession;
• Requesting a Warrant for possession.

We will not hesitate to fight your corner and are experienced in providing plain and practical advice, which we provide on a fixed fee basis.

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